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Making Sense of the Nonsensical

I was first affected by an understanding of the Three Principles in May of 2013, and since then have been trying (for myself and for others), to make sense out of something that is somewhat inexplicable and "nonsensical". What makes it even more perplexing, is that the harder I try to re-connect with the sublime state of well being that comes as a result of this understanding, the further I get away from it. It's the ultimate game of irony.


Here's what it boils down to, as far as I can make "incomplete" sense of it today...


A. As intellectual beings, we experience what we know of happiness... "feel good moments" that we achieve through doing and having.


B. As spiritual beings, we experience what we KNOW AS happiness.... "complete freedom and sublime connection", which we are, through just being.


We could say that A is the illusion and B is the truth, but as long as we exist in human form, we will always be fooled by the illusion.


Once this is seen however, the game of life then becomes the process of ascribing less faith to the apparent concrete solidness of A, and leaning with more faith into the apparent ephemeral impalpability of B. And the more we lean, the more frequently A loses its solidity, and the more B becomes palpable.

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Karen | Reply 06.02.2017 11.31

COOL! Can't wait till the world wakes up to the illusion of life! Oh what a party we will have celebrating in the joy "behind the curtain" of our thoughts!

Jonelle 06.02.2017 12.52

Me too! :)

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13.03 | 09:30

Thank you Beth! It has been mostly fun to create. 😊

13.03 | 07:39

Wonderful collection of resources - thank you x

26.02 | 12:24

Oh thank you so much Jane! It's always so nice to hear when a little bit of joy happens!

25.02 | 16:32

Really lovely explanation and sharing of your understanding of the 3 Principles, Jonelle. Filled my heart with joy! Jane Schue, Portland, OR

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