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The Principles are NOT the Truth!

While we exist in the human condition, truth is actually a transient thing. Let me explain...


When I unexpectedly came across an introduction to the Three Principles, and had a profound insight into the "truth" of it, I experienced the most amazing but somewhat fleeting condition of complete freedom from all my suffering, and the feeling of unconditional love for everything and everyone. I realized it was the "truth", and that it was the answer to all suffering, and that anyone else who "got it", would also see how this amazing state of peace and love and happiness already (and always) exists within all of us. And I so wanted everyone else to see this "truth" as well, and to have this same experience, and to have a glimpse of the miraculous.


BUT... As a perfectly-imperfect human being (living more in my human-ness than in a state of grace), I happen to have a TON of insecure thought about sharing my beliefs with others. First of all, I don't want to take the chance of being considered as different or "seriously unbalanced". It's much easier just to live life under the radar and not be subject to judgment on what I think or believe.


And I also dislike it when others attempt to force their fervent beliefs on me... Those frequent times when the message is NOT delivered with unconditional love, but instead in the form of the self-righteous "I am right, and so you are wrong", or "this is the truth so you must believe it".


Now of course, not everyone is that way with their beliefs in every moment. When I do experience their message delivered with unconditional love, I'm often left with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation that they themselves have found an anchor of peace and love... And that's a very nice thing.


And so what I've recently discovered, is the actual "truth about truth", as much as that might even be possible. Here's the insight...


I just watched a video on the 3PGC site done by Judith Sedgeman, a longtime Three Principles practitioner. She said something like "the more we believe that something is true, the more it is an indicator that our thinking is off". I'm familiar with the point that "bad feeling points to bad thinking", but never made the specific distinction that she pointed to in this statement.


She was talking about a person's belief in the truth of their depression. But after a brief moment, it occurred to me that this also applies when sharing the "truth" of the Principles.


Whenever I get caught up in any way in wanting to share the truth of the Principles with others, and in that moment, happen to have any (even fleeting) thoughts about why my belief is right and theirs is wrong... Then that feeling of "staunch belief in the truth" is telling me more about how my "thinking is off", than any sense of truth. And even the tiniest amount of righteous feeling is instead pointing me to my innocent "need to be worthy-need to be right" insecurity (in that moment).


And so in that moment, the Principles are actually NOT the truth.


It's only when I'm sharing the Principles without any attachment, without any need for it to be right and understood, and only when I am experiencing a state of unconditional love, that they once again become a truth.


Ultimately, the only truth is love, and this is just another way of seeing that again.


And thus ends the lesson for the day. LOL :)

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05.09 | 16:09

Lovely to hear from you Sharon! And thank you for the question. This website has limited space for comments, so I hopefully it's OK to send you an email. 😊

05.09 | 05:52

Hi Jonelle, just started reading this site-thank you so much. I have a question I hope you can answer for me: are emotions & feelings the same thing?

07.08 | 12:02

How beautiful. Your friend is so lucky to have you. ❤️

07.08 | 12:00

Thank you Andie! Would be lovely to catch up! ❤️

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