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Don't Ask Why

For some reason, we always want to know why...


  • Why did that person think they had the right to cut in front of me in line?
  • Why can't I just get the stuff done on my to-do list?
  • Why am I so irritable today?
  • Why do they think it's OK to make these decisions without consulting me?
  • Why do I keep having these negative thoughts?
  • Why do people feel the need to kill other people?


And not only do we ask ourselves (and others) these questions, but then we spend an inordinate amount of time speculating and determining what we think is the answer.


The truth however, is that there is no definitive answer.


With the Principles understanding that all thought is arbitrary and of infinite possibility, and that each action and situation is a result of the innocent belief in the variable flow of thought in each moment (of ourselves and others), we can never ever really know why. And yet at the same time, this understanding explains why.


So next time you're wondering why, save yourself some time and effort and suffering... and forget about the why. The answer will always be the same. There is no true why. And interestingly enough, when we let go of the need to know why, we suddenly see more of the true reason why. Figure that one out! LOL

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10.06 | 11:27

You're so welcome Karen! My first 3P insight was that because we're all living in the illusion of our made up thinking, we're all crazy and don't know it!

10.06 | 11:11

You are so darn funny!!! I was pointed to this site when I googled 3P school and it addressed if you should wear a 3P's suit! Thanks for sharing so much humour!

12.04 | 22:44

Catch up... sounds good. Would love to hear how things are going. 😊

12.04 | 22:34

Hey there, welcome back! Let's touch base soon. I had a virtual ticket to the conference. Have only just been able to start watching the clips. Way, way cool! Reminds me of our walk over to the chicken place. LOL

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