Have You Ever Noticed...

The Power of Thought, Consciousness, and Mind...


Following is a list of questions to reflect on that can point you in the direction of the inside-out nature of our experience of life:


001 - Have you ever noticed… that sometimes the more you think about a problem, the worse it gets, or the worse you feel, even though the actual facts of the problem have not changed?


002 - Have you ever noticed… that as soon as you get your mind off of a problem, you feel better, even though the problem hasn't gone away?


003 - Have you ever noticed… that solutions to problems have come to mind "out of the blue" when you're doing something else, and NOT consciously focusing on the problem?


004 - Have you ever noticed… that you have hundreds or possibly thousands of thoughts each day that are just "random stuff" that you don't pay much attention to or just forget about?


005 - Have you ever noticed… that some of your thoughts are more important to you than others, even though everything you think is "just a thought"?


More from the list of "Have you ever noticed..." memes will be added to this page in the coming weeks.





  • PDF/DAILY EMAIL/APP/BOOK: A list of the "Have you ever noticed..." memes will soon be availabe in a PDF document. There are also plans to set up an email service of one meme per day. There are also considerations for an APP with a daily meme pop-up, and a coffee table book. News updates on these features will be posted on this page.

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Melanee | Reply 12.04.2014 22.01

Fantastic list of compelling questions, Jonelle! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Jonelle 17.02.2015 22.34

Thanks Melanee!

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Thank you for this list. Priceless

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