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Have you ever stopped to think about how much you have achieved.
I say stopped to think, because that is what we have to do.
We can get so caught up in the day to day.
We forget to appreciate everything that we have done.


We get so busy, not just doing the task at hand.
But trying to figure out all the things that we still need to do.
Just being alive means that there will always be more to do.
We are a biologically functioning machine that needs constant maintenance.


The more "civilized" we are, the more maintenance we need.
We have a lot stuff, needs and desires.
The more we want, and get, the greater the list of to do's.
The greater the amount of thought we have about these things.


Desire for more comes from thoughts of fear and insecurity.
Thinking that we need more to prove that we are worthy.
We strive to prove how successful we are.
We worry that we are not going to have enough tomorrow.


The fact is you are already a success.
It doesn't matter what you own, your job, your money, whatever...
You made it here through an obstacle course of challenge.
Each time you made it to the next moment and you are here.


If you stop and look at what you have achieved...
There will be people that you loved and that loved you.
Not all are still there because you both had growing to do.
You had a path to walk together for awhile, learn and move on.


When your thoughts come of perceived failures.
See those insecure thoughts for what they are.
Just thoughts... you made up in your mind.
Not real... you created them and you can let them go.


When you have thoughts about needing more.
Realize all that you have and what it took to get here.
Appreciate all that you have and all that you have done.
And let those made up insecure thoughts pass on through.


You're are a winner and always have been.
Every day you got through the day.
Some days may have been really tough.
But no matter the challenge you made it.


Most days you remember to stop and smile.
Because you know that it's a wonderful world.
Because you know that you have everything you need.
It is all inside of you.


You are a Winner.
Eternal Peace.
Infinite Love.


Live in Love and Peace,

We are never sure what our experience may encounter.
Life's a journey of unknowable circumstances.
We are travellers through the experiences presented to us.
Wherever we go...
We take our heads and thoughts with us.
Our thoughts wander with us through the maze of life.


Our thoughts will follow our senses.
Things we see, hear, taste or feel will generate thoughts.
Without stimuli, thoughts can go anywhere.
Thoughts drift in our heads.
A tune pop's in out of nowhere.
Or a memory of someone that you knew long ago.
Could be anything really.


Sometimes they are there for a moment and then gone.
Sometimes like songs, that seem to want to hang around.
The thoughts just don't want to leave.
Often they evoke an emotion.
Anything from a smile to a tear.
Our thoughts and feeling dance.
Intimately wound together.


We can’t really control the thoughts that show up.
Let the thoughts come and experience them.
Your feelings are part of your human journey.
There is no reason to fear thoughts or feelings.
Realize that the feeling came from a made up thought.
We create the thought and emotion.


We don’t have to believe that the thought is real.
If we shed a tear over a past memory...
Embrace the moment.
Past pain has given us the strength we have today.
We got past whatever that challenge was.
Preparation to get past any future challenges.


No matter where your journey takes you, you have everything inside you to face it.


Enjoy the day in gratitude.
Live in Love and Peace,

Think about watching a really good movie as being a microcosm of how thought works in your life.


A good movie will have you generating thoughts throughout that will take you through a wide spectrum of emotions.

In a two hour span you can go from happy to angry, from laughing to crying.

And every other emotion in between.


Your thoughts play a movie in your head all day long. Memories of the past, from happy to sad.

Thoughts of the future, both hopeful and fearful.

And just like the movie, it's all make believe.

We make the movie in our heads.

We put ourselves through all our emotions.


Realize that you create your thoughts and Direct which way you want your life to "Feel".


Be Thoughtful without being thought full.


Live in Love and Peace,

You can't really add thought to thought and get less thought...

Yet sometimes when we have negative thoughts, and we realize it, this is what we try to do.

We try to say to ourselves that we need to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.


The problem is that we already have too many thoughts to start with.

If you realize you are having a negative thought pattern, try to see if there is a message that you need to learn.

Maybe you are strong enough now to deal with the thought and can release it.

Maybe you just need to take a breath and slow the thinking down for awhile.

Get yourself in a better consciousness to handle whatever message is trying to get through to you.


Or realize that maybe, it's just a made up thought, and you don't have to give it any more attention at all.


Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh.šŸ’–šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜Š












When I look at you,

What is it I see?


If I perceive,
A difference,
Between you,
And me,
Then I am,


When I,
Find fault,
In my neighbour,
When I,
Feel they,
Are Wrong.


I am Not,
Seeing them,
At all.


I am,
Seeing me,
And all my
And insecurities.


I feel,
From you,
From nature,
From the Universe.


At these times,
I do not See,
The real me.
My True Self


What I am,
Looking at,
Is the made up,
Lies and deceptions,
Created by,
My own thoughts.


I look at,
My reflection,
In everything,
I see,
In the World.


If I don't like,
What I see,
It doesn't say,
Anything about,
The World.


But it says,
About me,
And my thoughts
In this moment.


About whether I Am...
In this flicker,
Of time,
My Connection,
With the Eternal,
And Infinity...


Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh

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Love it Jonelle, always find what Iā€™m looking for here. So glad I checked in

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Tons of love right back to you! Thank you for the lovely message. ā¤ļøšŸ˜Š

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This is wonderful and I especially like the way you make the "thinking" part so clear. Love your sense of humor too. Tons of Love to you and thank you so much