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The World In A Moment

A lot of events are going on in the world right at this moment…


Babies are being born, someone just got married and someone died.
There are people in conflict, and people in love.
There are people in tears, some in laughter, some in sorrow.
There are people in pain, and others in bliss.


Somewhere it is night, dark and people are sleeping.
Somewhere the sun is rising, people prepare for the day.
Somewhere people are eating a midday meal.
Somewhere people are observing the sun setting.


The human mind is an amazing organ.
Look at all the data that our senses can take in.
Look at all the decisions that it can calculate.
Look at all that we are able to perceive.


What really is our human experience?


The thoughts that we have.
The thoughts we believe.
The thoughts we act on.
Our thinking is our reality.


It does not matter what is happening elsewhere.
It does not matter what time it is.
It does not matter what circumstances occur.
We really do create our own unique experience.


In a world that that is ever changing.
In a world that is colourful and diverse.
In a world connected through all it's ecosystems.
A lot of events... none more important than your moment.


Live in Love and Peace,

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14.04 | 19:10

Love it Jonelle, always find what I’m looking for here. So glad I checked in

05.02 | 09:43

Tons of love right back to you! Thank you for the lovely message. ❤️😊

04.02 | 23:51

This is wonderful and I especially like the way you make the "thinking" part so clear. Love your sense of humor too. Tons of Love to you and thank you so much

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