Rick's Reflections Blog

I can tell you what I have learned.

From my experiences and my circumstances.
From the journey I have made into my Soul.
And this would be the Truth.


But it would be "my" Truth.
Everyone has their own path.
The way that they have gotten to this point in life.
And it is up to each of us to discover our own Truth.


Based on how they got here.
To look into themselves and See.
To Realize their own Truth.
"To thine self be True".


Other peoples fears and insecurities,
should not determine your Truth.
Search for your own Unconditional Love.
Unconditional Love lifts the veil and reveals Truth.


At least... That is my thought.
My Truth...
Enjoy the Magic Moments...
Every Moment a Miracle...


Live in Love and Peace
Rick Syposh

Often people point to the problems in the world to explain why they are not happier.


There are challenges and always have been.


Humans have never had a better chance to make this planet a happy home for all it's inhabitants.


We just need to learn not to fear the challenges.


To accept the problems that affect us and work to correct them.


We have everything inside us to succeed and overcome any problem.


Sure it's a tough world with real problems.


But when has mankind not faced challenges.


Now we have technology that was never available to past generations.


Now we have knowledge at our fingertips to communicate and become one with all people.


Now is available the science to undo the harm caused the planet, reverse it and start being the caretakers of our home.


It belongs to everyone.


If we just stop fearing and learn to Unconditionally Love.


I can't get there by myself.


I can't change the world.


But I can change myself.


I can be Love.


I can change my world.


When my world is more peaceful, the world is more peaceful.
You can too.


Some wise words from Theosopher Sydney Banks:

"if we only learned not to fear our experience that alone would change the world."

"Life is like any other contact sport; you’re gonna get your knocks. But it’s not the knocks that count, it’s how you handle them. If you handle them with anger, distrust, jealousy, hate, this in return is what you’re going to get. But if you handle these knocks with love and understanding, they don’t mean much. They just dissipate."


Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh.💖🙏

Not taking personally…

What someone says or does…
Can be very challenging…
And seem to cause pain.


With friends, relatives, spouses, more so…
With our children.


Or in our place of employment.
Situations where ego has been conditioned.
Looking for validation…
Building attachments from insecurities.


Circumstances where we want control…
Resisting what actually Is.


We do not teach our children...
They are here to Teach us.
Every time anyone triggers me...
They are my Teacher.


It is not about what they did...
But why I am being affected.


My feelings are my barometer.
If my thoughts are bothering "me"...
I don't feel good.
This tells me there is a lesson to learn.


That I am attached to the thought…
My ego is reacting.


This is not a bad thing...


Number 1...


I'm human...
So this is why I'm here...
To have and learn…
To enjoy the experience.


The experience of the Divine Gifts…
Of Thought and Feelings.


Number 2...


That I am Aware of these…
Thoughts and Feelings is so huge.
It is such a game changer...
Even if I am still suffering...


Just being Aware means…
I am accessing my True Self.


The Perfect Self…
Under all those personal thoughts and insecurities…
The building blocks of ego.
The root of suffering.


Children can be greatest source…
Of insecure and fear filled thought...


The Illusion of Life "feels"…
The most real through them.
After all...
My thoughts create "my" reality.


I really like this Jack Pransky quote:


"To realize it's your own creation...
Your own misery is your own creation.
That's pretty humbling.
It changes everything to see that.


How seriously can you take yourself…
In light of the fact that you're making it up."


I've shared a lot of thought here...
I know you have a lot of your own...
So take what you need…
And disregard the rest.


After all...
Everything I just wrote is just words.


From my thoughts...
I just made up in my head...
Creating my experience…
My reality.🌬


Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh💖🙏

Growing up... I loved reading Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" comics.


In one strip Lucy asks Charlie Brown...

"Why are we here?"


Charlie Brown responds...

"To make others happy."


Lucy screams back in Charlie Browns Face...

"Well I'm not happy! Somebody is not doing their job!!!"🤣


For such a long time I thought it was my job to make someone else happy.


But thinking that way means that it's someone else's job to make me happy.


Totally freeing to know that you can just make yourself happy.


And this way, enjoy each moment you spend with someone else.


Removing the burden from them to be responsible for your happiness.


Live in Love and Peace
Rick Syposh💝🙏

It occurred about a year after I had become aware...


I had noticed a great change in my overall happiness.
I had become much more grateful for things in my life.
I had much less insecure thought.
I looked forward to new experiences.
So here I was, generally in a state of bliss.


Then a very strange and unexpected thing happened.
I started having memories of things from the past.
Ghosts of actions long gone and deceased.
Things that I had done that were not my best moments.
When they occurred, filed into the "stuff happens" category.


Times of ego, fear and insecurity causing poor behaviour.
Times of misplaced pride and arrogance.
Broken relationships, pain given and taken.
Family and Friends ignored and forgotten.
Goals not achieved due to sloth and procrastination.


As a positive person I just put them behind me and moved on.
Now... at a time in my life when I was feeling so happy.
These dealt with issues dared to raise their ugly heads.
At first I was really taken back by it all.
"Why are you showing up now, I already dealt with you."
I was a survivor, and got through.


Then I realized something really important.
I never really felt the pain of my past mistakes before.
Being positive and being a survivor meant burying the event.
Taking a negative situations and putting positive on top of it.
Taking bad behaviours and moving on without learning.


So the reason the memories came back at this time...


I was ready, not only to recognize them for what they were.
To really feel them for the first time and acknowledge them.
Not to beat myself up for things I'd done.
To recognize the lessons that came with each step.
This is all part of the long road on the journey.


So what about all those past occurrences...
They have got me to where I am today.
I could not change any experience and still be me.
And I am pretty happy with me these days.
I am not any where near perfect.


But I am as good as I need to be.
Exactly where I am suppose to be on my journey.
No matter what my experience is, I can face it.
Everything I need is within me.
Love is the answer to everything.


So the past may come back as memories…
Maybe they are coming back for a reason.
Maybe they are asking to take another look at them.
Maybe now is the time to feel them and release them.
Maybe now is the time to be free from the past.


Live in Love and Peace
Rick Syposh💖🙏

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Thank you Lars! So happy to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the reading! I hope to continue writing and sharing whenever inspired. 😊

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