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I always used to be puzzled by the statement "what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves". For example, if I saw someone being rude, how could that mean that I was being rude? If I saw someone being careless in the details of their work, how could that mean that I was careless? If I saw someone being egotistical, how could that mean that I was just as egotistical. Clearly, in each of these situations their behaviour was not the same as mine.


But with an understanding of the Principles, this statement becomes much more clear for me. Here's two ways of looking at it...


1) Negative judgement is simply a REFLECTION of my own insecure thinking.


The act of judging others in a negative way IS a reflection on me, or rather an indication of my insecure thinking in the moment. Innocently and unconsciously, when I identify "bad" behaviour in others, I get to feel more worthy for not behaving as badly.


Fortunately, with an understanding of the Principles, I can recognize my judgmental thinking as temporary insecure thought, and not as who I am (or who they are). The thoughts can then flow by quickly, hopefully to be replaced by more loving and compassionate thought instead.


With the amazing gifts of limitless thought and consciousness, I realize I can view these behaviours from any of an infinite choice of perspectives, including as the "illusions" that they actually are.


2) What I see in others is ALWAYS a reflection of what's happening within me.


When I see bad, I am thinking bad, and believing my bad thoughts in the moment.
When I see good, I am thinking good, and believing my good thoughts in the moment.


Nothing is inherently good or bad... What I see, perceive, or feel, is nothing more than a reflection of my thinking in the moment, and any single thing can be seen from a gazillion different perspectives, within the limitless scale between fear and love.


And how amazing when I get glimpses beyond my personal thoughts of behaviour or circumstance to see the miraculous that exists everywhere around and within.


And so for myself and all others, may I wish for many clearer, kinder, and more loving reflections in 2015 and beyond. Cool 

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01.10 | 19:31

I am so glad to hear Sara! So kind of you to let me know! On the website menu to the left is also a "Procrastination" page which has some insights on the topic.

30.09 | 22:08

I found your blog post after googling "procrastination and the three principles". I'm new to this understanding and your very clear explanation helped. ☺️

13.12 | 04:29

Thank you Lars! So happy to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the reading! I hope to continue writing and sharing whenever inspired. 😊

12.12 | 20:30

Hi Jonelle
Just stumbled across your website, love reading all your insights.
Hope you keep sharing. Thanks from Lars (all the way from Denmark