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She falls in and out of drug use, she’s sold herself for money, but I fell in love with her. I found out that after an entire life on the streets, she KNOWS the streets, and so she goes around keeping an eye on the vulnerable in the community and helping them out in various ways.


He killed two people, served time in prison, has an incredibly intense and scary vibe, but I fell in love with him. He plays the guitar and dreams of having his own band one day.


She used to put a cue ball in a sock to swing at people to get whatever they had that she wanted, but I fell in love with her. She could be a stand-up comedian and has a laugh that dares anyone NOT to join in.


His clothes are rarely clean, his hair is never combed, his skin is covered with bumps, but I fell in love with him. He is so gentle and so kind and so compassionate, and sooooooo incredibly beautiful.


She has an ego well beyond most, she is always dressed to the nines, she shows only pictures of herself and her accomplishments, and she finds ways to always make everything about her in some way, but I fell in love with her. She lets down her guard every once in a while so I can get a tiny peek of the extraordinarily ordinary beauty that’s already inside.


He rarely makes much sense when he speaks, his stories are hard to pay attention to, he kind of has a scary stalker vibe about him, but I fell in love with him. He managed to learn how to navigate his struggles well enough to be able to move out on his own, with some community support. He’s hoping he can do some hunting and fishing like his father taught him when he was a kid.


I fall in love all the time now. It wasn’t like that before.


In my past, I didn’t know that ANYONE and EVERYONE could be loved. I thought that love was something that happens between people because they get along, or because they see traits in each other that they admire, or because they’re tied by a family bond, or because they behave in lovable ways.


In my past, I thought that love was something of chance and circumstance.


I had no idea, that love had NOTHING to do with any other person or trait or behaviour or chance or circumstance. I had no idea that love beyond imagination was available in any moment I somehow allowed it.


I don’t always fall in love with everyone. For whatever reason, the many heavy bricks I’ve collected throughout my life have created some walls that block my view from seeing what’s really true… what came into my view by chance a few years ago, and what I now KNOW is always there.


But oh how lovely it is whenever the next brick somehow falls down, and oh how lovely to know that love is always there, whether I happen to experience it in any moment or not.

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01.10 | 19:31

I am so glad to hear Sara! So kind of you to let me know! On the website menu to the left is also a "Procrastination" page which has some insights on the topic.

30.09 | 22:08

I found your blog post after googling "procrastination and the three principles". I'm new to this understanding and your very clear explanation helped. ☺️

13.12 | 04:29

Thank you Lars! So happy to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the reading! I hope to continue writing and sharing whenever inspired. 😊

12.12 | 20:30

Hi Jonelle
Just stumbled across your website, love reading all your insights.
Hope you keep sharing. Thanks from Lars (all the way from Denmark