damian 24.02.2016 21:22

My latest book is Principles based too: Entrepreneur Success Formula. And my practitioner website is www.rethinkingbusiness.biz

Jonelle 25.02.2016 03:30

Thanks Damian. I'll add both of those on.

damian 24.02.2016 21:21

Hi Jonelle. Got some more for you. Here's my Ted talk where I mention Syd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWUNgorN-TY

Sandra Claphan 15.01.2016 01:33

Oh my, no end to the resources to wake up and be happy, The Three Principles direct listeners inside to their own wisdom, how simple is that?

Jonelle 15.01.2016 01:46

Yes, beautifully simple, and so simple we often can't see it or we keep forgetting it.

Angela Mastwijk 14.01.2016 09:32

Thank you for adding my books and website. I highly appreciate the effort you're putting into this!

Jonelle 14.01.2016 17:54

You're very welcome. It was mostly fun. :)

Kayla 13.01.2016 16:56

Wonderful list! If this list is updated regularly, it might be helpful to note which resources have been recently added. thanks!!

Jonelle 24.03.2016 22:10

You're welcome! :)

Kayla 24.03.2016 19:06

thank you for the addition! super helpful :)

Jonelle 14.01.2016 17:52

Thanks. And good idea Kayla. I'll see if I can figure out a way to do that within this website's limitations. Maybe an "by date update list" at end of page?

Gavin Presman 18.05.2015 07:11

This is such a wonderful resource. Thank you so much for compiling this for us. Are you still adding to it?

Jonelle 18.05.2015 07:19

Thank you Gavin. And yes, no longer actively looking, but still adding to it whenever anything happens to cross my path.

Mike H 10.05.2015 08:45

This is the biggest and best 3P resource I have ever come across in one place and must be the result of tons of research.

Jonelle 10.05.2015 16:41

Thank you Mike. It happened very easily, bit by bit over a 2 year period. However, it'll be hard to keep up since the 3P Community is growing so fast now!

Karen 18.02.2015 05:12

Is there a way to tweet this?

Karen 18.02.2015 06:09

You are sooooo funny! Thanks for the laugh! And thanks for the link!

Jonelle 18.02.2015 05:57

My site software is too "cheap" to tweet! (Get it?!? LOL). However, I'm guessing you can just post the following link into a tweet... http://www.procrastinationpublications.com/295705286

Laurel Patt 11.02.2015 20:45

Wow Jonelle! This is an impressive amount of work. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jonelle 18.02.2015 03:58

Thanks Laurel

Karen 11.02.2015 19:01

Thank you Jonelle for showcasing so much material and resources!

Jonelle 18.02.2015 03:57


Sue 16.11.2014 19:34

Fantastic resource - so helpful and wonderful to see how far and wide the Principles are being shared. Thank you

Jonelle 18.02.2015 03:57

You're very welcome Sue. I only started looking for resources about 21 months ago, and see that they have grown considerably even in the last year.

martin 16.11.2014 16:46

Thanks for such a wonderful resource. great to have all this available in one bag.

Jonelle 18.02.2015 03:50

Thank you Martin!

Sara Simons 18.08.2014 02:56

Hi I am so excited about this website. Thank you so much for making all of
this available.

Best Wishes,

Jonelle 18.08.2014 03:45

You're very welcome Sara! Thanks so much for letting me know. :)

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I am so glad to hear Sara! So kind of you to let me know! On the website menu to the left is also a "Procrastination" page which has some insights on the topic.

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I found your blog post after googling "procrastination and the three principles". I'm new to this understanding and your very clear explanation helped. ☺️

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Thank you Lars! So happy to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the reading! I hope to continue writing and sharing whenever inspired. 😊

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