Leslie McAvy 02.11.2017 15:36

My sister Jerry Lee Allen gave me your web page and am wondering if you have a practise in Winnipeg.

Jonelle 02.11.2017 16:04

I'll send you an email when I get back to my home office this afternoon.

Liz Scott 27.08.2017 17:41

Thanks for this - what an awesome resource. Not sure why I haven't come across it sooner!

Jonelle 27.08.2017 23:53

You're very welcome Liz!

Lyn Canale 27.08.2017 00:17

I love how concise, yet simple way you explain the 3P's. I hope to be able to articulate it to my own clients as wondrous as you did.

Jonelle 27.08.2017 23:57

Thank you Lyn! Your comment reminds me that although the Principles are so simple, there's always so much more to see! Wishing you the best with your clients.

Robin Allen 09.01.2017 20:18

Infused with humour and insight in a beautiful balance your story is captivating and moving. Thanks for sharing in your unique way. Robin

Jonelle 10.01.2017 04:29

So kind of you to say. Thank you so much, Robin!

Andie 11.12.2016 05:43

You're just the best! Had to say it again as I come back here so often. Recently Iturned 60 y/o. Mostly good, with a little bit of not so good. Hope to talk

Jonelle 11.12.2016 18:50

Love you too! And HBD! Mostly good with a bit of not so good... sounds perfect!

And happy to chat anytime soon! Just email me to set up a time.

Judy 20.04.2016 04:30

I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon your page! I have read The Enlightened Gardner and The Relationship Handbook and was starting to "get it" - this helped!

Jonelle 20.04.2016 16:49

Those are two great books to start with. And so glad this website was helpful for you. Thanks for letting me know.

petra zirou 13.04.2016 16:38

Thanks a million for sharing Jonelle. Your heart speaks...Beautifully written..It could make a great book.. Plenty of love to you..

Jonelle 14.04.2016 05:12

Thank you for letting me know, and plenty of love in return 😊

Andie 08.03.2016 07:35

Wow. You did really well explaining all that Jonell. So happy to meet you and begin exploring your site! Thank you so much!

Jonelle 08.03.2016 17:02

Thank you Andie... Nice to "meet" you as well. Happy exploring!

Andie 08.03.2016 07:38

Previous Email address incorrect. Sorry, here's the right one.🙃

Amanda O'Shea 05.01.2016 01:38

I enjoyed reading your story Jonelle x

Jonelle 05.01.2016 03:37

Thank you very much for letting me know Amanda! 😊

Moneca 15.09.2015 05:00

In reply Jonelle
FineArtAmerica MonecaAtleyLoring is where some of my art can be seen with such titles as Just Being, Commonalities not Differences etc

Jonelle 15.09.2015 05:50

Thank you Moneca. I look forward to seeing what you create.

Moneca Loring 13.09.2015 20:01

Loved your disclamour i.e can still keep sharing while thinking we're imperfect. Just remembered I did a painting titled "Imperfectly perfect".

Jonelle 14.09.2015 00:24

Thank you Moneca! I would love to see your painting... Do you share it anywhere?

Kerri 25.03.2015 04:21

So well written! I too have recently come to the 3 Principles & am so grateful to have stumbled upon them. Thanks for the humor


Jonelle 25.03.2015 17:30

Thank you Kerri! The fact that we're all basically crazy because we're all making it up, continues to amuse me. :) Wishing you much humour on your 3P journey!

Jo 12.02.2015 11:37

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts around the 3 principles. I've recently discovered them myself and amazed at how it is changing my life.

Jonelle 18.02.2015 04:05

You're welcome Jo. So glad to hear of the positive impact for you. May I wish you well on your journey.

Karen 21.08.2014 07:17

Wow Jonelle! I'm impressed! You have been busy! Really well done. Will I see you at annual conference in Minnesota?

Jonelle 21.08.2014 07:43

Thanks Karen! Yes, I'll be at the conference, and very much looking forward to it and seeing you there!

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