134 I Love You!'s

Every Saturday, 134 “I Love You!”s would appear on the Facebook feed of many in the Three Principles community who were fortunate enough to be acquainted with the very kind and generous soul, in the form of Jeff Rader. In honour of Jeff's passing and in appreciation for his "uncountable" kindnesses, this page is simply a prompt to consider the idea (for each of us) to pass on a little kindness, in whatever form occurs to us.

If you'd like to share any memories or thoughts of Jeff or any of your kindnesses in Jeff's honour (to be posted on this page anonymously), send the details to... ProcrastinationPublications@shaw.ca

Aug. 21, 2018

Aug. 21, 2018

Kindnesses For My Friend Jeff

Small acts of kindnesses that made me feel good: Today a thought came to me, while walking my beagle dog Pepper, to pick up the plastic bag that was blowing in the tall grass. So I did. Then another thought came to me, to put the trash I see on my way home in the plastic bag, so I did. Yesterday, a thought came to me, to smile and wave to the neighbor, whom I’ve never met, on my beagle walk, so I did. I hope the idea of random kindness acts remains in my conscious awareness for a while. It is helping bring a smile to my day.

Reaching Out

I was thinking about Jeff and the fact that he would occasionally reach out to me, but I'm not sure if I ever reached out to him. I would always reply, but I was never the one to start the conversation. And so yesterday, I decided to reach out to a friend who I know is having challenges, and be the one to start the conversation. I expect to do more of the same.

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