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When I look at you,

What is it I see?

If I perceive,
A difference,
Between you,
And me,
Then I am,

When I,
Find fault,
In my neighbour,
When I,
Feel they,
Are Wrong.

I am Not,
Seeing them,
At all.

I am,
Seeing me,
And all my
And insecurities.

I feel,
From you,
From nature,
From the Universe.

At these times,
I do not See,
The real me.
My True Self

What I am,
Looking at,
Is the made up,
Lies and deceptions,
Created by,
My own thoughts.

I look at,
My reflection,
In everything,
I see,
In the World.

If I don't like,
What I see,
It doesn't say,
Anything about,
The World.

But it says,
About me,
And my thoughts
In this moment.

About whether I Am...
In this flicker,
Of time,
My Connection,
With the Eternal,
And Infinity...

Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh

May. 11, 2020


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