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We are never sure what our experience may encounter.
Life's a journey of unknowable circumstances.
We are travellers through the experiences presented to us.
Wherever we go...
We take our heads and thoughts with us.
Our thoughts wander with us through the maze of life.

Our thoughts will follow our senses.
Things we see, hear, taste or feel will generate thoughts.
Without stimuli, thoughts can go anywhere.
Thoughts drift in our heads.
A tune pop's in out of nowhere.
Or a memory of someone that you knew long ago.
Could be anything really.

Sometimes they are there for a moment and then gone.
Sometimes like songs, that seem to want to hang around.
The thoughts just don't want to leave.
Often they evoke an emotion.
Anything from a smile to a tear.
Our thoughts and feeling dance.
Intimately wound together.

We canโ€™t really control the thoughts that show up.
Let the thoughts come and experience them.
Your feelings are part of your human journey.
There is no reason to fear thoughts or feelings.
Realize that the feeling came from a made up thought.
We create the thought and emotion.

We donโ€™t have to believe that the thought is real.
If we shed a tear over a past memory...
Embrace the moment.
Past pain has given us the strength we have today.
We got past whatever that challenge was.
Preparation to get past any future challenges.

No matter where your journey takes you, you have everything inside you to face it.

Enjoy the day in gratitude.
Live in Love and Peace,

May. 18, 2020


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