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Why is it the more we try to be happy, the more elusive it seems to be?

The more time we spend thinking about what it is that is lacking in our lives, the more we seem to need. 

If I only had this much money.
If I had a nicer house, car or newest version of iPad.
If I only looked a certain way.
If I had better relationships.

All of these are desires to make us happier.

We are all smart, so we can do a lot of thinking about how to get these things to ensure our joy.
So our minds are full of thinking about how to control our circumstances.
Our minds fill with regrets over things we could have done.
We worry about circumstances that keep us from our goals.

The higher your intelligence the higher your capacity to crowd your head with more thought.

Even when we obtain our goals we find we still need more, because we are still not happy.
In fact now you are also unhappy because you may lose what you achieved.

My thought for today.
Be happy with what you have.
You can't control your circumstances.
But you can be grateful for your present human experience.
If you are not grateful for what you have, what makes you believe that you will be happy with what you don't have.

There is nothing wrong with relationships, money, possessions, or success.
Let them enhance our already grateful human experience.
Don't make them the reason we will be happy.

Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh💖🙏

May. 11, 2021


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