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I had a little visitor this morning. 

A medium sized, short eared rabbit.
He just hopped into the yard, looking and sniffing.
We get rabbits, squirrels and birds in the yard quite often.
I love to just sit back and watch nature at work.

But today I was not able to calmly watch him.
Today I had a busy mind when I saw him.
This weekend we had just planted impatiens in the front garden.
Just like we did last year.
Only last year the rabbits ate the impatiens.
So as much as I love watching the rabbits...
My mind was full of insecure thoughts of the future.

This is the way of possessions:
We think we want something.
We work to achieve this goal.
Our minds are full of thoughts on how to succeed.
We obtain that which we sought.
Now our minds are full of thought again.
This time because of our fear of losing that which we gained.

Your happiness should never depend on that which you desire.
There is nothing wrong with possession and goals.
But they should only enhance your life experience.
They should not be the reason for your happiness.
There is really one place that you can look to find happiness.
The Unconditional Love that fills you from within.
Here is Peace of Mind.

As for the wascally wabbits.
I'll just have to appreciate them for what they are.
Not destroyers of flowerbeds.
But just nature, experiencing life.
If I find that my impatiens are starting to disappear again.
I may try a little hot pepper to change the taste.

Otherwise just try to remember how blessed I am.
To be able to have a yard filled with beauty and nature.
And that my big insecure thought this morning....
Was just a lesson to be learned...
Not to have impatience over the impatiens.

Live in Love and Peace,

May. 24, 2021


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