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So what is my reality in this moment?

I hear birds singing outside my open window.
A slight breeze is coming in, still a bit cool this morning.
It's overcast outside, the rain has stopped.
I can still hear dripping from the eve troughs.
The air is clean and fresh after a light rain.
I'm sitting on a chair in the home office.
My fingertips lightly tapping the keys.
I feel rested and peaceful.

Sipping on a tea of lemon, lime and ginger.
I taste the slight tartness and feel the warmth.
I observe the letters as they appear on the video display.
Every now an then I stop and stretch.
And notice the little aches and pains.
The little itch in my nose and on my skin.
My bodies reaction of environmental stimulation.
That are a reminder that I am alive.

All all the while my eyes blink.
My lungs expand and contract taking in air.
Feeding my heart with oxygen, continually pumping.
The blood circulating to every part of my body.
Supply all the organs, keeping them functioning.
And the Mind, creating my reality.
None of this possible without a thought.
My entire experience of life based on an illusion.

Something with less force than a puff of air.
And yet it creates my entire existence.
So what kind of an existence do I have?
What kind of power do I allow this illusion?
I choose to be grateful for my experience.
I choose to accept all the challenges that come before me.
I choose to acknowledge my pain and my feelings.
This is my physical human reality.

Within me is a consciousness of my existence.
Within me is unconditional love.
Within me is a realization of an eternal being.
Within me is infinite energy.
My connection with everything of form and the formless.

Thank you for this opportunity.
Thank you for all the small pleasures.
Thank you for the ability to love and give love.
Thank you for the pain and the challenges.
Thank you for the growth and development.

I have enough.
I AM...

Live in Love and Peace,

May. 26, 2021


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