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So many ways I described my former life.

I am positive I would say.
Could get through anything that came my way.
Come on world you can do better.
I can come through whatever.

Life is Tough.
Live is hard.
I push through.
No matter the cause.

I am the man.
I am a fighter .
I am the one who will be there in the end.
I don't know quit.
I am the survivor.

Then on a very strange day in May,
An unexpected event occurred.
In the quiet of her mind,
Jonelle had a moment of clarity,
And eternity and infinity unfolded.

I fought her message at first.
It can't be so simple I protested.
Life isn't so easy.

I am a warrior.
I need the chaos of the fight.
I need to strive.
I need to have a demon to slay.

She just calmly said:
The fight you are in,
Is not with this world,
Not in the circumstances,
Not in your situation.

You are already whole.
You are already complete.
You are already successful.
You have all you need to be secure.

It is only your thoughts of fear,
And insecurity that you battle each day.
Your thoughts are creating your reality.
The reality that you must defeat.

Some illusion of the mind.
Put that behind you.
See the miracle in every moment.
See the miracle that you are.

You are the infinite.
You are the eternal.
You are the energy that came.
Before the first formation of the stars.

For you were not born of the stars.
But have always been.
Before the stars.
Before all matter.

Forget all you thought you ever knew.
Of worlds to fight and battle through.
The mythical monsters you try to destroy,
Are only lessons to learn.

Strive not to survive.
Forget the lies,
You tell yourself every day.
About who you are.

Enjoy every moment.
For that is all there is.
Whether you see this now,
Or later this becomes clear.
Doesn't matter anyway.

Because you are perfect.
And always have been.
You will be okay.

So Be Love.
It really is...
That simple.

Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh.

May. 29, 2021


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