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Often people point to the problems in the world to explain why they are not happier.

There are challenges and always have been.

Humans have never had a better chance to make this planet a happy home for all it's inhabitants.

We just need to learn not to fear the challenges.

To accept the problems that affect us and work to correct them.

We have everything inside us to succeed and overcome any problem.

Sure it's a tough world with real problems.

But when has mankind not faced challenges.

Now we have technology that was never available to past generations.

Now we have knowledge at our fingertips to communicate and become one with all people.

Now is available the science to undo the harm caused the planet, reverse it and start being the caretakers of our home.

It belongs to everyone.

If we just stop fearing and learn to Unconditionally Love.

I can't get there by myself.

I can't change the world.

But I can change myself.

I can be Love.

I can change my world.

When my world is more peaceful, the world is more peaceful.
You can too.

Some wise words from Theosopher Sydney Banks:

"if we only learned not to fear our experience that alone would change the world."

"Life is like any other contact sport; you’re gonna get your knocks. But it’s not the knocks that count, it’s how you handle them. If you handle them with anger, distrust, jealousy, hate, this in return is what you’re going to get. But if you handle these knocks with love and understanding, they don’t mean much. They just dissipate."

Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh.💖🙏

Sep. 16, 2021


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