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Everything that we perceive begins as a thought.

Our thoughts create our reality.

But what is a thought?

Our bodies are designed with sensors that input energy.

They send a signal to our brain and generate a thought.

But the thought is only something that our brain made up.

It is not a real thing, but an illusion.

Most of our thoughts flow through us without any notice.

Some are fond memories that bring a smile to our faces.

Some are ideas that give us hope and dreams for the future.

Often people like to hold on to thoughts that make them suffer.

Thoughts of the past that they would have like to change.

Or worries about a future that they think might be possible.

But no matter the thought they all have one thing in common.

You made them up in your head.

That is not to say that your suffering is not real.

The suffering is real because we believe the thought is real.

Suffering often comes with a lesson.

If we suffer a thought, sometimes we have to feel to learn.

That is what being human is.

We have feelings.

We have thoughts.

And sometimes we suffer.

But mostly our lives are beautiful.

Filled with love, wonders and delights.

But too often we want to suffer the illusion of thought.

If you just understand this one thing, it will change your life.

That your thought is illusion.

Even though you are suffering this moment.

When you are ready, and have suffered enough.

You don't have to believe the illusion anymore.

You can let it go.

That thought doesn't exist now.

Every moment is a new beginning.

Look around you in this moment and see the miracles.

Everything you ever needed is inside you.

And always has been.

You are doing great.

Live in Love and Peace,

Rick Syposh

Oct. 20, 2021


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