Rick's Reflections Blog

We are all exactly where we are meant to Be.

On our journey we will have Insights.
Everyone has moments of calm when they access Wisdom.
We all realize when something feels Right.
When we find our Truth.
Sometimes, in a moment of Clarity.
Things become so simple and Revealed.

Our complex human brain Resists.
Because we can't believe that the Answer.
Could possible be so Simple.
That we are all of the same Energy.
That this energy has a Consciousness.
That we only perceive our world of form through Thought.

We call this energy, Divine Mind.
We realize that everything in form is an Illusion.
Except for the Feeling,
Of God's Unconditional Love.

At least... that is my Thought…🌬

Live in Love and Peace,
Rick Syposh💖🙏

Oct. 23, 2021


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