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Most beautiful magnificent sun,

Brightly shining down on me,

Giving me warmth and colour,

Filling my world with illumination.

Thank you for all your gifts,

My very existence dependant,

As well as that of the planet,

On your ever present radiant glow.

In the morning filling the clouds,

With a spectacular light show,

Delighting my corporal senses,

Waking me to Earth’s visual pleasures.

Just to bask in your majestic beams,

My body’s absorbing of your rays,

As you heat the surfaces of all,

That is blessed with your presence.

Not a wonder that early man,

Looked upwards and worshiped,

This most wondrous flaming ball,

Of life giving comfort and light.

Then… as the world turns,

Day’s brightness growing dim,

As you descend on the horizon,

Releasing in setting a burst of glory.

But what wonders are revealed,

As we turn away from your brightness,

I discover that I am not alone here,

Looking up I see a whole new sky.

What is this… All these little specks,

Stellar, spectral light breaking through,

The void that is the dark of night,

Showing that above more is available.

For all you give me brilliant sun,

You hide with your shining might,

That beyond my meagre little life,

An infinite universal potential.

While you are unique in your way,

You are but one of countless lights,

Significant to me because you are mine,

Jealously hiding your siblings by day.

Even in the deepest dark of night,

You try to make your presence felt,

Bouncing your reflected light,

Back to Earth by way of the moon.

Showing that as the world turns away,

To marvel at the swirling clusters,

Of miniature dots of distant stars,

Your presence is still in evidence.

I can no longer be fooled though,

Dear beautiful bountiful sun,

Though it is through you that I,

Feel the very nature of existence.

There is more to the abyss of space,

Than the limited sight that you show,

With your brightly beaming face,

An eternally intelligent system is there.

Not within my earthly mortal experience,

To begin to understand or comprehend,

There to be a mysterious paradox,

Only incompletely observed from afar.

It is through the light of your solar love,

That I have this life of abundance,

Allowing me to wonder of what is beyond,

Through the sun that the father is found.

Live in Love and Peace,


Jan. 28, 2022


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