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The clock ticks.

A bell tolls.

The sun rises,

And it sets.

Another day,

In the life of mortal man.

And as this globe spins.

Turning day into night.

Dashing through a galaxy,

Around a great ball,

Of hot burning gasses.

Man counts.

He feels his existence,

And marks the moments,

With measurements precise.

So that he knows,

Exactly where he is,

At the very moment of his demise.

But only from this mortal coil,

Does man truly leave,

The illusionary construct,

Only meant to deceive.

For this is not his end,

But a momentary reprieve.

From whence he came he returns.

And so we play,

This game of time.

Spinning ever closer

Without reason or rhyme,

But yet in quiet moments,

We remember and we see,

The True Self that we came from.

For we are conscious,

And Aware.

Of the infinite possibility.

That we are more than mortal,

In the essence of our being.

The same light that fills the sky,

Is burning within me.

In the quiet moments.

When the clock slows down,

And Stops.

When my heartbeat sends a message,

Of True undying Love.

Then Peace begins to fill,

The emptiness of man,

Let the clocks tick,

for experience I gain,

upon a world of physical,

Imperfect in it's way.

But all I see, smell, taste, hear,

And touch,

Contributing to the All

I Am,

My part in infinity.

With Consciousness shared,

Not just for me,

but for all of Divinity.

So I expand the knowledge,

That will last for eternity.

Live in Love and Peace,

Rick Syposh

Feb. 12, 2022


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