Just in Case I/You/We Forget...



Whenever we have negative thoughts, we can count on the fact that this state is both natural and temporary. Without doing anything, we will eventually feel better.


We can just try to remember to take it easy on ourselves while we're "in it".



If we've got a problem, we really don't. We just "think" it's a problem. We've innocently and unknowingly "labelled" the situation as a problem in our mind, and we simply haven't yet seen it from any of the other infinite choice of perspectives.



No matter what happens, no matter what we do or don't do, no matter what we look like, no matter what we have or don't have, no matter the state of our home, our finances, our career, our relationships, or our life, no matter how we compare, and no matter the content of our thoughts nor the state of our feelings, we will be perfectly fine. 




The Principles aren't a way to "manage" our experience, but just a way to understand what's going on.


We can watch our thoughts as a dispassionate observer... And choose to hang on to only the ones that serve us, and let the other ones go. And when we can't, we can remember we're human.



We are all in this human experience together, and experiencing life in exactly the same way, through the filter of our own unique and personal thoughts. And in varying degrees, we all get caught up in our insecure thinking and lose the truth of who we really are... 



We can be... "grateful for the highs, and graceful with the lows". And when we can't, we can remember that we're human.



EVERYTHING in life is neutral...

until we start making up stories about it.


Whether we realize it or not, EVERYONE has insecurities, driving both our good and bad behaviours. Insecurity is a natural part of our human condition, and represents nothing more than some of the infinite flow of thought that passes through our mind each moment, some of which we innocently choose to believe, and some of which we don't. 

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10.06 | 11:27

You're so welcome Karen! My first 3P insight was that because we're all living in the illusion of our made up thinking, we're all crazy and don't know it!

10.06 | 11:11

You are so darn funny!!! I was pointed to this site when I googled 3P school and it addressed if you should wear a 3P's suit! Thanks for sharing so much humour!

12.04 | 22:44

Catch up... sounds good. Would love to hear how things are going. 😊

12.04 | 22:34

Hey there, welcome back! Let's touch base soon. I had a virtual ticket to the conference. Have only just been able to start watching the clips. Way, way cool! Reminds me of our walk over to the chicken place. LOL

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