Sydney Banks Resources

The Story of Syd's Enlightenment Experience

An 8-minute video of Sydney Banks sharing the story of his enlightenment experience, available on the Three Principles Foundation website (starts with a short introduction by Elsie Spittle):

Sydney Banks Website


There are several short videos of Syd at the following page... (NOTE: They will not play on most mobile devices)  (click the link "Click Here for Video Playlist")

  • Infinite Levels
  • Forgive Yourself
  • The Equalizer
  • Goodwill
  • Wisdom
  • Universal
  • Big Little Mind
  • Secret Lies Within

3PGC Website


There are currently 5 Sydney Banks videos available on the website, 4 of which make up the Long Beach Lecure video series. You can access them as follows:

Under the Media menu, click Photos & Videos

In the Search By Keyword box, enter the word Banks

The following videos will appear:

  • Sydney Banks - What are the Three Principles
  • The Great Illusion (Long Beach Lecture)
  • Truth Lies Within (Long Beach Lecture)
  • The Experience (Long Beach Lecture)
  • Jumping the Boundaries of Time (Long Beach Lecture)


There are also 5 audio recordings of Syd speaking (downloadable MP3 format)...

Under the Media menu, click Podcasts

In the Search By Name box, enter the word Banks

The following audios will appear:

  • Attitude
  • One Thought Away
  • What is Truth
  • The Three Principles
  • Separate Realities

Sydney Banks Books, DVDs, and CDs

All of the Sydney Banks content available for sale can be purchased from the following sources:

Note: Some products are also available from major book and audio/video sellers including Amazon and iTunes.


Book List:

  1. Second Chance (1987)
  2. In Quest of the Pearl (1990)
  3. The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy of Spirit (1998)
  4. The Enlightened Gardener (2001)
  5. Dear Liza (2004)
  6. The Enlightened Gardener Revisited (2005)


The full list of books, CDs, DVDs is below:

Syd Banks/Linda Quiring Co-Authored Books

Linda Quiring, along with Syd Banks, wrote the first two books about Syd's wisdom in the 70s. The links below provide a bit of background on each book, and list where you can purchase them.

Genesis of the Three Principles (Movie, 2016)

A movie narrated by Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman, sharing the story of Sydney Banks, and including several clips of Syd speaking:


Three Principles Foundation Website

Clips from the "Ultimate Answer" video (+ one short video explaining the Principles) by Sydney Banks are available at the following link:

  • The Ultimate Answer - Part 1
  • The Ultimate Answer - Part 2
  • The Ultimate Answer - Part 3
  • The Ultimate Answer: A New World - Part 1
  • The Ultimate Answer: A New World - Part 2
  • The Three Principles

Three Principles Movies Website

There are currently 3 clips on this website featuring Sydney Banks:

  • Sydney Banks: Wisdom
  • Sydney Banks: Goodwill
  • A Quiet Mind

NOTE: These clips also appear, along with several others on the site, but they are not viewable via mobile device on Mr Banks' website.

Miscellaneous Sydney Banks Videos


Sydney Banks in the News

With a preference for not being followed as a guru, and pointing people toward finding their own wisdom within, Sydney Banks rarely participated in interviews for the news. 





Three Principles Wikipedia Page

Vancouver Sun Obituary:

Vancouver Sun Article:

Pittsburg Post Gazette Article:

OnBeing Article:

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