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Since you've made it to this website, and to this specific page, I'm guessing that you've already been impacted by the Three Principles or they have piqued your interest. They have had an immense impact on my own life, and I can clearly see that I will have a lifelong fascination for their profound simplicity, as well as the incredibly rich conversations about life that they invariably foster.


This website is simply for sharing the Three Principles understanding. Please feel free to take advantage of the extensive resources available throughout the site.

My Three Principles Interviews

How Do I Share a Spiritual Experience and Still Sound Sane?

(Divine Play Radio Show Interview)



You've Got the Magic

(Evoking Grace Written Interview)


My Three Principles Work

Here's some of the Three Principles "stuff" I've been up to over the last few years:

  • A fun "Illusion of Thought" 15-minute ice-breaker at a corporate conference
  • Individual life-coaching discussions 
  • State of Mind training included in B2C sales training
  • State of Mind training included in customer service training for call centre agents
  • Innate Wellbeing workshops/Stinking Thinking hangouts for a homeless shelter
  • SuperCoach mentorship 
  • Innovation and Behaviour Change Workshop for corporate trainers and curriculum developers
  • "Monday State of Mind" corporate newsletter for trainers and leaders
  • "Have you noticed..." memes
  • Guest speaker for 3P Meetup group in the UK
  • Guest on "Neuroscience of Awareness" radio show
  • Co-host (along with Karen Miller Williams) of the "3P Canadian Hangout" monthly Zoom hangout
  • Collection and organization of 3P resources (continually added to this website)
  • "3P Reflections" blog
  • Training consulting, business consulting, research, and project management for several Three Principles practitioners and 3P volunteer initiatives

My Background

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and in July 2015, started my own freelance work as 3P Services (Procrastination Publications & Possibilities). Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/3P-Services/816461051802243. Previously I worked full time as a corporate trainer/coach, facilitator, curriculum developer, and organizational development specialist for a global travel company. You can learn more about my professional business background from my LinkedIn profile at... http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/jonelle-simms/18/297/332/


My 3PGC Practitioner profile can be viewed at the following link:

My Three Principles Learning

There's no right or wrong way in how to "learn" what the Three Principles are pointing to, whether we somehow find the deeper truths of life when we're hanging out with a wise guide or teacher, or when we discover something from facing a great challenge, or when we're just waiting at the bus stop. It's always there for us to discover, we just need to somehow "allow" ourselves to see it. In my own journey so far, I've been very fortunate to get to hang out with some lovely and wise teachers...  

  • Three Principles School with Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman on Salt Spring Island, BC (Nov 2013 & June 2016)
  • 3PGC Conferences in Minneapolis and Los Angeles (Sep 2013, Sep 2014, Oct 2016)
  • Michael Neill's 2014 SuperCoach Academy (Jan-Sep 2014)
    • 9-month coaching training program, with a focus on the Three Principles, and with sessions held in Santa Monica, New York, and London UK
    • Including masterclasses with many of the longtime 3P practitioners
  • Innate Health/Three Principles Conference in London UK (May 2014, May 2017-virtual)
  • Michael Neill's Coaching from the Inside Out Self Study program (Oct 2014)
  • Pransky & Associates online training programs - INSIGHT and INSIGHT for Relationships (Fall of 2015)
  • Pransky & Associates Professional Training Retreat in La Conner WA (Feb 2016)
  • OneSolution Conference, Oslo, Norway - Virtual Track (May 2016)
  • Get Outside and Deepen Inside 3P Retreat in Santa Ynez with Margot Smit and Jack Pransky (Nov 2016)
  • Ease and Impact for Three Principles Groups - Live Webinar Series with Mark Howard (Aug-Dec 2016)
  • One Solution Conference, Cape Town, South Africa (Mar 2017)
  • Leadership with Insight with Ken Manning and Robin Charbit - Online Version (Apr 2017)

My 3P Services

First and foremost, I am a perfectly imperfect human being, living with my own ridiculous, made-up, personal mix and flow of secure (clear, common sense, loving) and insecure (busy, negative, judgmental, fearful) thinking. And, as with many others, I have been incredibly fortunate to have gained some personal insight into the Three Principles, allowing for the ability to navigate the inevitable "downs" of life with much more grace, and the inevitable "ups" of life with much more gratitude.


If you're interested in more support than what is already offered throughout this website, please feel free to reach out to me. I love to work with individuals and groups, whether in the context of business, or community, or in the challenges of day-to-day life. I am happy to facilitate group workshops or one-to-one conversations. You can contact me at procrastinationpublications@shaw.ca


With Love Heart and Laughter Big GrinJonelle

An Amusing Look at What I Do As A Trainer and Coach

http://vimeo.com/119284008 (by Nic Askew)

The Cookie Consideration

I often place bowls of candies on the tables in my training classes. Perhaps I should consider cookies instead?


Deep Listening

A beautiful description of deep listening by Thich Nhat Hanh...


An Amusing Thought About My Work

My job as a corporate trainer used to be taking complicated things and making them uncomplicated. I got to be pretty good at it, and loved the work. And then the Universe dropped the Three Principles (something that is essentially "unexplainable") on my lap and said, "Here, go train this"... and then the Universe laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Cool

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Mia Philips | Reply 14.10.2016 17.07

Just want to thank you for this wonderful site and immensely generous treasure trove of 3p goodies! I will visit often - thank you!!

Jonelle 14.10.2016 21.06

Thank you Mia! I figured if I was already collecting a list of 3P resources for myself, I might as well share it. Nice to hear others find it useful too!

Andie | Reply 08.08.2016 02.05

Thank you Jonelle,for what you've done! Just look at This amazing site you have created! We, the world of ThreePrinciples peeps, and those not yet touched, Do, and will rejoice in your creation.

Jonelle 08.08.2016 10.08

That's very sweet of you to say. Thank you Andie

Catherine | Reply 29.01.2016 14.57


I'm so excited to have found you! AND you are in WPG!!! I am in a little town called Atikokan ON and I am so thrilled to have discovered Syd & 3P's

Jonelle 29.01.2016 15.53

Cool to meet you! Yah, not many of us in Canada yet, or maybe we're all just kinda quiet, not sure. 😊 Enjoy your journey! 3Ps are a wonderful thing to "find"!

Gavin | Reply 18.05.2015 02.14

Hiya Jonelle, are you in London for conference. If so, hope to say hi,


Jonelle 18.05.2015 02.26

Hi Gavin, Unfortunately not at the UK 3P conference this year. I'm envious of all those there, but trying to let those thoughts go! LOL Enjoy!

debi | Reply 13.02.2015 15.26

Dear Jonelle,
I am so Blessed to know you and to share what is truely a lifelong learning of the 3P's.Your site is one of the most amazing i have ever seen!

Jonelle 17.02.2015 22.23

Oh, that's so sweet Debi. Thank you! And how blessed I am to know you too!

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10.06 | 11:27

You're so welcome Karen! My first 3P insight was that because we're all living in the illusion of our made up thinking, we're all crazy and don't know it!

10.06 | 11:11

You are so darn funny!!! I was pointed to this site when I googled 3P school and it addressed if you should wear a 3P's suit! Thanks for sharing so much humour!

12.04 | 22:44

Catch up... sounds good. Would love to hear how things are going. 😊

12.04 | 22:34

Hey there, welcome back! Let's touch base soon. I had a virtual ticket to the conference. Have only just been able to start watching the clips. Way, way cool! Reminds me of our walk over to the chicken place. LOL

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