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Since you've made it to this website, and to this specific page, I'm guessing that you've already been impacted by the Three Principles or they have piqued your interest. They have had an immense impact on my own life, and I can clearly see that I will have a lifelong fascination for their profound simplicity, as well as the incredibly rich conversations about life that they invariably foster.



This website is simply for sharing the Three Principles understanding. Please feel free to take advantage of the extensive resources available throughout the site.



If you wish to contact me directly, you can reach me at procrastinationpublications@shaw.ca.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA


LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonelle-simms-33229718/ (3P Services)

3PGC Profile: http://www.3pgc.org/directory/jonellesimms/

3P Services Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/3P-Services-816461051802243/

3P Canada Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3PCanada/?ref=share





And if you're curious about the story behind "Procrastination Publications" just click on the Procrastination link in the website menu to the left.




If you have found benefit in this website and/or wish to contribute to my work, including the services facilitated at Siloam Mission and The Madison (shelter and resource centres for those affected by poverty and homeless in Winnipeg), I can accept donations via PayPal at JonelleSimms@shaw.ca. I facilitate a weekly Three Principles Hangout and offer a weekly Listening Post. An overview of the work can be seen in the Siloam Mission January 2020 Volunteer Newsletter at the following link:



If you wish to know more details, please feel free to contact me. It's always lovely to be able to speak with those who have an interest in community

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Beth | Reply 13.03.2018 07:39

Wonderful collection of resources - thank you x

Jonelle 13.03.2018 09:30

Thank you Beth! It has been mostly fun to create. šŸ˜Š

Mia Philips | Reply 14.10.2016 17:07

Just want to thank you for this wonderful site and immensely generous treasure trove of 3p goodies! I will visit often - thank you!!

Jonelle 14.10.2016 21:06

Thank you Mia! I figured if I was already collecting a list of 3P resources for myself, I might as well share it. Nice to hear others find it useful too!

Andie | Reply 08.08.2016 02:05

Thank you Jonelle,for what you've done! Just look at This amazing site you have created! We, the world of ThreePrinciples peeps, and those not yet touched, Do, and will rejoice in your creation.

Jonelle 08.08.2016 10:08

That's very sweet of you to say. Thank you Andie

Catherine | Reply 29.01.2016 14:57


I'm so excited to have found you! AND you are in WPG!!! I am in a little town called Atikokan ON and I am so thrilled to have discovered Syd & 3P's

Jonelle 29.01.2016 15:53

Cool to meet you! Yah, not many of us in Canada yet, or maybe we're all just kinda quiet, not sure. šŸ˜Š Enjoy your journey! 3Ps are a wonderful thing to "find"!

Gavin | Reply 18.05.2015 02:14

Hiya Jonelle, are you in London for conference. If so, hope to say hi,


Jonelle 18.05.2015 02:26

Hi Gavin, Unfortunately not at the UK 3P conference this year. I'm envious of all those there, but trying to let those thoughts go! LOL Enjoy!

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Love it Jonelle, always find what Iā€™m looking for here. So glad I checked in

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Tons of love right back to you! Thank you for the lovely message. ā¤ļøšŸ˜Š

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This is wonderful and I especially like the way you make the "thinking" part so clear. Love your sense of humor too. Tons of Love to you and thank you so much

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