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Note: Actually, it's not really "wrong" to seek happiness outside. It's just that you won't find it there.
Lian Brook-Tyler of www.bornhappy.com explains this meme as follows... * Our inner core is happiness, love, calm and wellbeing, that is our natural default state. * Our thoughts can be ANYTHING, e.g. sadness, anger, blame or gratitude, amusement or curiosity. * Our feelings are created by our thoughts, e.g. if you think a sad thought then you will feel sadness.
From www.bornhappy.com
From www.bornhappy.com
This meme compliments of Tony Arribas of www.healthwithin.com who posted it on Facebook.

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Karen | Reply 22.09.2016 23.03

WOW Girl! How cool are these! LOVE 'em! You are truly amazing! This website is stock filled with goodies. I haven't seen half of what you have to offer. Thanks

Jonelle 23.09.2016 00.36

Thanks Karen. I've got so much now, I'm starting to forget it all, so it's all starting to look new again! LOL! Either that or just old and forgetful. 😉

April | Reply 06.09.2016 04.54

Lovely site

Jonelle 06.09.2016 12.01

Thank you April! 😊

Judy | Reply 14.12.2015 06.15

I love good quotes, especially 3P ones. Great site!!

Jonelle 14.12.2015 13.01

Me too! And thank you! :)

chris | Reply 12.03.2015 18.18

I just want to say what a wonderful resource your site is☺It is full of wonderful quotes, stories, insights, info as well as humour
Thank you so much.

Jonelle 12.03.2015 23.18

You're very welcome Chris! And thanks for letting me know... It's mostly been just a lot of fun to do.

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Beautiful, thank you! I'll add it to the list on this page when I'm back from vacation.

24.06 | 09:59

Thanks for this website.
Here is another audio recording from the early years

27.05 | 09:35

Thank you Andie! Sending ❤️

26.05 | 23:16

Always eloquent Jonelle! Thank You!

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